Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Photographer, The Chatty Nice Guy and the Boyfriend (Kind of)

Back in November/December, I met three great guys, each of whom I dated and each story having a different outcome.  I was so happy that the dating gods were finally realizing that I had had enough negative experiences and were sending some quality men my way!

Part I of this trilogy is the Photographer:

We went out on a Saturday night and hit it off instantly.  He was a 34 year old photographer/creative director for an Ad Agency in NYC.  I liked that he wasn't the typical lawyer/finance guy that I generally meet in NYC.  After a great first date, things continued to go well.  He made plans with me in advance, would text me just to say hi and would say sweet things like "you're adorable, just wanted to let you know."  I was smitten.

We went on a few more good dates and then I noticed that he wasn't texting me as often.  After a shouting match good-natured debate with my co-worker/friend, I agreed to text him asking "when I am going to see you again?"  (I believe that in the beginning, if a man wants to see you, he will.  And, that no amount of contacting him will make him want to see you if that feeling isn't there already).  He replied saying that his company's holiday party was the following night and asked if I would like to come along.  You bet I did!  Except, now I was a little weary of his intentions. 

The next evening I rushed home after work, showered, got all dressed up, did my make up and met him downstairs where he was waiting to pick me up.  We went to the party and it was little weird at first considering I had only been out with him a few times.  But, a few glasses of wine later, I was having a ball. 

We danced and laughed and ate (I tried to control myself and not eat like I normally do, which is like food is going out of style) was an awesome night.  At the end of it, we didn't want to go home, but it was too late to go out (I don't stop acting like a grandma for anyone), I said he could come over as long as he didn't have any expectations.  He came back, I stuck to my word and the next morning, after I was done getting ready for work, we walked to Starbucks our coffee and then got on the subway.  We were discussing New Year's and he said he didn't know whether he wanted to stay in Maine (he was going home for Christmas in about a week) or come back to the city.  He said he preferred to stay in the city, but it didn't sound like he had any plans to come back for.  So, I stupidly invited him to my New Year's party that I was going to have at my apartment.  He seemed surprised in a nice way and said he would let me know.

The following week he left for Maine and I never saw him again.  While he was there he texted me saying "Merry Christmas," but that was really it.  He never got back to me about New Year's and I slowly got over him. 

He did reappear though.  But, that's in Part III.


  1. Ah, like a breath of fresh air, the saga continues!!!

  2. Ha, thanks for continuing to read! I honestly find it sooooo therapeutic to write about all this. I'm glad that others can enjoy it too :)