Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Greek Guy

The Greek guy is someone I met last September. 

After our first date, I thought he was cute and fun, so I decided to go out with him a second time.  That's when I found out he was slightly crazy.  It turns out one of his favorite pasttimes was doing coke.  So much so, that he had a supply readily available in his apartment.  I explained to him that I've never done drugs and that as a lawyer, I could not take any chances being around that stuff.  He said he understood.

I was hopeful that because he grew up in Greece, maybe he was a nice family man with good values.  So much for that.  But, wondering if I reacted too quickly and thinking "well, maybe I should give him another chance...maybe there's more to him than just drugs...maybe, maybe, maybe" I went out with him one night the following week. We had a good chat over dinner, but I realized that he definitely was not for me.  That of course did not stop me from calling him one Friday night while I had been out and drinking with a girlfriend.  I went over his place and we hooked up.  The next morning while we were eating our bagels, he asked me where "this" was going.  Mouth full bagel and cream cheese, I looked at him and thought "oh crap."

I said that I didn't really see a future, mainly because he said he wasn't ready to stop doing coke, because he "just likes to party sometimes."  That's just not for me.  He then told me that there was a "certain masculinity to my femininity" and I said "did you just call me a dude?" 

That bothered me because clearly this man thought that because I wasn't into him, I was obviously just a dude playing the field and didn't want a relationship with anyone.  Can you imagine if the roles were reversed and after the fourth date I asked the man "where is this going?"  He would've freaked out and ran the other way. 

The following week Hurricane Sandy hit and he lived in lower Manhattan, which was essentially destroyed by the storm.  I offered for him to stay at my place during the first day of the storm.  I explained to him that it would not just be me and him...that my roommate and my friend were also going to come over.  My brother and his girlfriend came by too.  He came over, well aware that I wasn't planning some romantic night of hunkering down together. 

The entire night, his presence annoyed me to no end.  Around 11 pm I said I was tired and wanted to go to sleep.  That was when he started with his hissy fit...asking what was wrong with me and just being a plain old dick.  Then finally he goes "Do you want me to leave??" Truly perplexed why he was acting like such a child, I turned around and told him he was being very ridiculous and whether he wanted to stay or go was up to him.  He left the following morning in a weird mood and told me to take care.  I thought that was the end of it.

About a month later, he texted me asking if I was interested in having a booty call.  Obviously. 
I said no and wished him well.  What I really wanted to say was "What?!?!"

About a month after that he texted me again asking if I was now up for a booty call.  Again, I said no and that I had just started seeing someone.  I thought that would make it clear to him to leave me alone.

Last week, I got another text message from him saying that he had a dream about me and wanted to take me out.  I said no thank you and that this would not work.  He didn't reply.  Hopefully I'm in the clear for at least another two to three months. 

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