Thursday, April 26, 2012

Long Overdue Update

Hey all, sorry for the lack of posting recently.  Here's a quick update on my dating life:

A few weeks ago I found out through Facebook that my ex has had a girlfriend for several months now.  It was a total shock and incredibly depressing.  I threw myself a pity party that weekend where I got drunk with some girlfriends and got lost in some amazing realty television.  The following Monday though the party was over and I resolved to stop nit-picking at all my dates and to really try to find a successful relationship.

I continued to date a few guys and I honestly had fun while out with each of them.  But, more importantly, for the last month I've been out a few times with one guy in particular who I really like.  He's sooooo sweet, funny, cute and smart and I have a great time each time we go out.  We have our fourth date this Friday....he's coming with me to a friend's birthday party and we're going out to dinner before hand.  Unlike many of the other guys I've dated, I actually can't wait to see this one and get excited whenever he texts or emails me.  I'm excited to see where this goes (and at the same time of course nervous and scared that it will end poorly - I wouldn't be me if I wasn't)...stay tuned!