Friday, March 8, 2013

The Nice Chatty Guy

This guy was number two in the triology of my winter dating partners.  He "flirted" with me on the online dating site we were both on and then I took the reins and sent him a message.  In his profile he wrote that he couldn't stand constant emailing back and forth and thought it best to just meet for a drink.  Agreeing with this, I wrote to him "the only thing worse than emailing back and forth is texting back and forth."  To which he responded "why are you giving your number to so many of these guys?"  Touche.

I thought he was funny, so I gave him my number and told him he had 5 text messages to ask me out for a drink.  He did and we had some silly banter along the way.  The date was really nice...he picked the place and everything. One drink turned into one bottle and I found that we had a lot to talk about.  We discovered a distant connection between us when he told me all about his ex (he had just gotten out of a relationship, which is never a good thing to find out when dating) and then asked me about mine.  I told him about how our relationship had really started to fall apart after his sister passed from cancer.  Turns out he knew who I was talking about because he was dating the best friend of my ex's cousin at that time.  After we realized that he had probably already met each other a few years ago, we just kind of sat there and stared at each other.  We ended up talking about some of our memories from that horrific time and the next thing I knew, we were both crying becuase of how said it was.

On that note, we dried our eyes, got the check and he got a cab for me.  He tried to kiss me, but I was in such a weird mood from the heavy conversation we just had, that I instinctively backed away. 

When I got home that night, I texted my ex's cousin to see what he had to say about this fellow.  He gave a pretty positive review.  So, I texted the date and thanked him again and told him that I had a nice night.  From then on, we chatted over text message for the next two weeks.  And, when I say we chatted, I mean, we discussed everything under the sun.  This guy loved to talk.  I knew it probably wasn't going to go anywhere, because it sounded like he wasn't completely over his ex...but, he was nice and I enjoyed talking with him, so I went with it.  We went out again for the second time two weeks later.  It was another fun time, but I felt like there was less of a connection.  It just naturally fizzled out after that.  Plus, I was also dating guy number three (see next post) and I was more interested to see where it could go with him.

Mr. Chatty was great...he was sweet, funny, smart, a gentleman and just all around a great guy.  It sucks that there wasn't more of a connection, but maybe there will be another like him someday.

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