Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A P.S. on Mr. Scientist

One of the things I forgot to mention about my date last night with Mr. Scientist was that we had planned to meet at 7:30 at a bar he chose.  I had a long day at work and was running behind schedule, so I asked him if we could move it to 8 p.m.  He responded "hmmm, how about 7:45?"  I was annoyed that he couldn't give me the extra 15 minutes, but agreed to meet him then nonetheless.  I got home, changed quickly, had my roommate help me with my make up and ran out of my apartment and into a cab to meet him on time.

Tonight, I got dinner with two of my friends (Roommate and Range Rover) and was telling them about my date last night, including the part about how he was willing to let me split the bill with him.  I stated my frustration with the fact that he couldn't even give me the extra 15 minutes to get ready and then on top of that he wanted to split our $10 bill...the drinks were so cheap because it was happy hour. Range Rover then pointed out what I was too oblivious to see - that he wanted to meet before 8 pm because that's probably when happy hour ended.  He wanted to ensure that he wouldn't have to pay for more than 1 happy hour priced drink!!!  To confirm, Roommate called the bar to see what time/days happy hour was and sure enough it's every Monday through Thursday until 8 p.m. 

So, this guy not only wouldn't give me 15 minutes extra to get ready after a long, rushed day at work.  But, he did it to make sure he wouldn't have to spend more than $5 on my drink.  Real classy.

Mr. Scientist (or Cheapo as I will now refer to him) texted me tonight.  I am yet to decide whether to respond.  Although I'm leaning towards no, I'll give it until tomorrow to decide.  If I do go out with him again, it'll be at a time that works for me and I may even push the envelope and suggest ordering food.  That'll show him!


  1. I'm learning some skills from this guy, please keep dating him!!!

  2. Exactly what skills are you learning??

    1. Ruthless dating tactics. You're on the front lines and I'm watching from afar. I love it. More please :)