Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mr. Quiet

So, in the last few weeks I've been out twice with a guy we will call "Mr. Quiet."  I wasn't expecting much from our first date, but I had bought a new bracelet that day and was excited to have a reason to where my new sparkly purchase.  (I  love to plan my meals and my outfits - the best dates are where I can do both) 

We went for drinks at a bar by my apartment - he offered to come up to my neighborhood and he picked the place - so, at least I knew he was a nice guy who put some effort into our first date.  The date was about two hours long and was surprisingly pleasant!

The next day he texted me that he had a great time with me and hopefully we'd hang out again soon.  I loved that he was so nice and said that we should definitely go out again.  I figured we'd go to dinner or something, but he asked me if I wanted to play pool or ping pong or go to dinner.  I really just wanted to go to dinner seeing as how I hadn't played pool or ping pong in probably ten years or so and didn't even know where we'd go to do that.  But, I didn't want to offend him just in case he was a hardcore ping pong player or something.  So, I went along with this new activity and thought "hey, who knows, maybe I'll emerge as a professional ping pong star."  (I'm always looking for ways to not have to go to work anymore).

We ended up going to Slate in Chelsea, which is a fun/normal place.  It was a little odd at first because it was only our second date and you obvioulsy can't converse while standing on opposite ends of a ping pong table.  We mainly stood there smacking the ball back and forth and broke up the silence by joking about how bad I was.  Which was fine...I was glad to contribute.  I clearly knew nothing about the game, so I trusted him to keep score fairly - I was always somewhere in between zero and two points per game, so he really just had to keep count for himself.

After we were done playing we finished our drinks and chatted a little.  I noticed though that he was sort of quiet and I found myself asking most of the questions and trying to keep the conversation going.  It's not my usual role as I'm not super talkative and outgoing, but I can be if the guy I'm with is.  Still though, he was nice, pleasant to look at and I was having a good time.

After Slate we went to dinner at a place his friend recommended and I felt at times it was a little awkward because he wasn't so talkative.  I kept asking questions and while he was speaking I was thinking, "what can I ask next so there's no silence?" 

We found things to talk about luckily and then left shortly after finishing dinner. He offered to split a cab going uptown even though it entailed him walking two avenues after he got out.  I thought that was really sweet of him.  However, once we were in the cab, this quiet/shy guy grabs my hand to hold and that really caught me off guard because I am soooo not a fan of the forced hand hold.  I hate it!!!!!  I felt so awkard...I just kept my hand held out while he held it and we sat in silence during the cab ride.  Oddly enough, when he kissed me before getting out of the cab, that felt perfectly fine...but, the hand hold really freaked me out.  Go figure.

I'm going out to dinner with Mr. Quiet tonight and am excited/interested to see how it goes.  While I don't feel like "omg, I can't wait to see him again!" I do enjoy my time with him and am willing to see where it goes.  Updates to follow :)

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  1. Maybe try mentioning your preferences on hand holding? He may have been trained in the past by someone who felt quite differently and he might be appreciative of a little guidance with your likes and dislikes.

    I like this guy, maybe he will become Mr. Potential? Learning how to talk is easier than learning how to listen.